Solve crime by uncovering patterns, connections and mission-critical information in one court-ready solution.

With key information and documents all in one place, Insight identifies patterns, uncovers connections and manages investigative information in a cohesive way that helps solve crime and prepare court-ready documents, as an end-to-end solution. Sharing information within your team and with other organisations is made seamless, as is allocating resources and tracking the progress of investigations.

Why Insight?

End-to-End Evidence

With Insight on your team you’ll only need one system to manage every type of investigation — with everything in one place. Store and search your additional materials and evidence assets.

Collaboration and Sharing

It’s quick and easy to share information and assets across your investigation teams, and with other organisations using Insight. Track progress, allocate resources and set the direction of your investigation.

Research and Reporting

Create court documents and investigation reports at the click of a button. Insight grows as you add more information, letting you make more connections between incidents. And it’s all searchable. Track progress, allocate resources and set the direction of your investigation.

Dedicated Support

Altia provide dedicated ongoing support every step of the way to implement your new Insight software, ensuring the transition has little impact on your day-to-day responsibilities and carries through to everyday support and technical enquiries.

Built by Altia specialists. Powered by our partners at Microsoft.

Microsoft and Altia - Partners

Since 1996, Altia has been the industry leader in Commercial-off-the-Shelf software for government, law enforcement, risk management and regulated industry. Trusted by 340 customers globally, including every law enforcement agency in the United Kingdom; Altia’s products handle mission critical functions and sensitive records management. Now partnered with Microsoft, Altia solutions are available as a managed service, levering the security, scalability, powerful cognitive services and cost efficiency of Microsoft Azure.

Cost Efficient

Eliminate the capital expense of implementation and maintenance of on-premises infrastructure. Altia will deliver our Software-as-a-Service right to your users at a fixed, all encompassing predictable subscription fee. Better solution, reduced fee.

Always Available

Microsoft Azure ensures high-availability, scalability and accessibility when you need your Altia solution the most. Rapidly deploy your Altia solution at the click of a mouse, without physical on-premises infrastructure.


With data centres globally, you can not only ensure data-sovereignty, but also geo-redundant resilience in the event of a disaster or service outage. Minimise service disruption and data loss by relying on multiple data centres in your region, supported by only the best. Microsoft Azure.

Highly Secure

Cloud is simply a real computer sitting in Microsoft Azure's highly secure and compliant physical data centres. With 24/7 monitoring of threats, have greater confidence your information is safe from cyber security incidents and remove capital expense and risk.

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