Our Financial Investigation solutions

Fully automate the process of converting paper-based information, and analysing it to identify entities, trends, relationships and investigative avenues. Investigation Toolkit gives you the edge in financial investigations, creating accurate Excel-based records of account statements. Jobs that would otherwise take several days, weeks and even months of manual keying can be completed in a matter of hours.

Why Financial Investigation Toolkit?

Save time and resources

State-of-the art Optical Character Recognition saves significant time and resources by automatically producing digital, meaningful data from paper-based records. User-friendly analytical tools enable you to interrogate financial data to provide meaningful insight and actionable intelligence.

Impactful information

Investigation Toolkit provides a set of templates to apply to data, making analysing and visualising complicated financial information simple, efficient and powerful. Quickly ingest, analyse, visualise and then rapidly act on usable information.

No more human error

Take the risk of human error out of forensically analysing financial and documentary evidence. Automatically sort, count, total or average financial data without human intervention, before summarising complex data quickly and creating custom reports and lists. Ensure consistency and thoroughness in every investigation or intelligence probe.

Reduce investigative overheads

By removing the manual process of converting large volumes of paper-based financial and documentary information you not only save time, but you ensure your resources are better aligned to critical tasks, reducing overtime and investigative overheads.

Identify and analyse cryptocurrency transactions

Use pattern manager to quickly and easily identify crypto exchanges / coins within a financial statement.

Consolidate searches in data

See the flow of transactions between merged accounts with Transaction Manager, and then analyse segregated data in charts and graphs with Quick Reports. Select your favourite reports and rule files instead of having to search for them manually.

Introducing Financial Investigator

Bringing you a web accessible investigation toolkit with more powerful insight and interactive dashboards

One easy licence fee that brings you so much more

Always available:

Microsoft Sevices ensure high-availability, scalability and accessibility when you need your Altia solution the most. Rapidly deploy your Altia solution at the click of a mouse, without physical on-premises infrastructure. No need to engage ICT teams to deploy or upgrade.

Cost efficient:

Eliminate the capital expense of implementation and maintenance of on-premises infrastructure. Altia will deliver our Software-as-a-Service right to your users at a fixed, all-encompassing subscription fee.

More powerful insight:

New interactive dashboards and data visualisation using Microsoft Power BI, helps you get more out of your data.

Highest levels of security already configured:

Sitting in Microsoft’s highly secure and compliant physical data centres. With 24/7 monitoring of threats, have greater confidence your information is safe from cybersecurity incidents.

Available for everyone (no matter what device you use / what version of Microsoft you have):

Don’t get held back by your internal infrastructure - our solution is Mac and PC agnostic, and available on phones, tablets and personal devices too.


With data centres globally, you can not only ensure data-sovereignty, but also geo-redundant resilience in the event of a disaster or service outage. Minimise service disruption and data loss by relying on multiple data centres in your region, supported by only the best - Microsoft Services.

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