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Altia strives to be the leading global provider of intelligence and investigation software. Altia aims to empower the government, public and private sector through providing fit-for-purpose, highly available and highly reliable solutions tailored to meet end-to-end needs. Altia provides the tools for organisations to carry out their mission-critical tasks efficiently, and in line with regulatory, evidentiary and legislative compliance.

Altia prides itself in helping those who support our communities by making their difficult jobs, just a little bit easier.

Our Altia

Altia is part of the NorthEdge portfolio following the primary management buyout in 2020 led by CEO, Rob Sinclair.

Initially based just in the UK, our group has significantly grown in recent years through the expansion of international operations. We opened our Canadian office in February 2017 to cater for our Canadian and North American customers. Our growing customer base in the Asia Pacific region lead to further expansion with the launch of our Australian office in February 2018.

Our customers include law enforcement agencies, a number of government departments, regulatory authorities, tax authorities, along with other government agencies and private sector customers. We develop innovative investigation software for a broad range of needs. Our group now has in excess of fifty employees working in our offices around the globe. A wide variety of clients throughout the world trust and rely on our investigation software to help them deliver targeted results.

Altia significantly save time on investigations and reduce costs. The solutions we offer assist in areas such as criminal and civil investigations, fraud and financial investigation, incident and investigation management and a variety of covert fields.

Our experienced staff are dedicated to providing our clients with the support and care they need, ensuring that they are able to get the most from our ever-evolving specialist investigation software solutions.

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